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(for floors and walls)

To invasive and expensive preparations

To colour limitations

To difficult product preparation

Pràtika, designed for innovative solutions, allowing you to create long-lasting and durable exterior features. Pràtika satisfies the most refined ideas and original creativity in modern and contemporary environments, bestowing elegance and a unique visual impact.

The decorative trends in recent years
together with technological advancement
have reformed the use of colour and decoration.
A path that simplifies aesthetics by giving greater visibility
to the "MATERICO" effect
and to the decoration in general.

Is a minimalist and simple decoration that does not compromise on quality. PRÀTIKA stands out for its strength and vigour. It goes beyond perfection. It creates a symmetry that enhances niceties, bestowing them harmony and grace. PRÀTIKA has the ability to easily find its own space in contemporary architecture. PRÀTIKA creates true nuances that interact perfectly with the surrounding light creating a variety of effects. The effects and textures are endless, they depend only on the dexterity and the ability of the installer. It provides character to the places created and furnished for living, leaving nothing that could be confused or underestimated with anything else. PRÀTIKA offers the ideal concepts to create unique and exclusive spaces. PRÀTIKA is changeable, stylish and different, but always captivating and elegant. The Flair of MATÈRICA Resin.

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