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Individualizes the correct system, for to complete Matèrika or Pràtika

MATÈRIKA LIGHT is a coloured, mono-component resin, with fine granules, to be implemented as an optional smoothing compound on MATÈRIKA, should a lower degree of porosity is desired, maintaining the exclusivity and aesthetics of the “MATERIKA” system. The composition made of precious resins reinforced with microfibers, guarantees resistance to abrasion and traffic to the coated supports. It is also solvent free.

K PRIMER is a mono-component water based primer made of polymers and fillers which, when applied to dry building surfaces, create the ideal adhesion for the subsequent application of the MATÈRIKA and PRÀTIKA line. Its penetrating properties ensures a proper consolidation of all absorbent cement supports and at the same time confers adhesive properties, making it the ideal adhesion promoter, also for surfaces with low absorption.

K FINISH is a two-component transparent protective coating made of water-based polyurethane resins, which creates an opaque film, resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays on surfaces made with MATÈRIKA and PRÀTIKA. A non-slip version (to be requested explicitly) is also available, mainly to create R11 slip resistant surfaces.


K WAX is a mono-component metallic wax with a matt effect, it bestows an excellent protection to decorative resin coatings made with the MATÈRIKA line, for which it has been specially formulated. K WAX creates a protective layer resistant to grazes and daily use, thus facilitate the periodic cleaning and maintenance of the surfaces on which it is applied.       


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